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Life Lessons Learned by Brandie the Manni

Life Lessons I've learned during my career as an ugly sweater model for Butt Ugly Sweaters.

by Brandie the Manni

1. Follow Your Dreams

     Friends all told me that I'd never make it as a fashion model.  Well look at me now! Photo shoots, amazing sweaters, glamour, admiration. Enough to make me smile all day.

2. Simple Things in Life Are the Best

     Simple things, like hamburgers and pork 'n beans, roaring fireplaces, mountain streams, Mr. Ed, snowflakes and soft fuzzy sweaters.

3. Know What you Want and Plan

     I couldn't have gotten where I am today without a plan. I made a goal, to be THE sweater model at a sweater company and to be the best at it.  I started working the plan, modeling lessons, poise, grace, trimmed my waiste and showing up for every sweater model audition.

4. Positive Thinking

     Always stay positive. Keep negative thoughts at bay. Revise your personal language to turn those negs into positives. Stop staying I can't, and begin saying I can.

5. Just go for it

      Don't hold back. GO FOR IT and your dreams just might come true too!

Brandie - our ugly sweater model

Hercules Penance Included Wearing a Sweater Made of Golden Fleece

Sure, you know the story of Hercules.  Born of a Greek God with a jealous stepmother that tried to kill him when he was a baby by putting a snake in his cradle. Hercules, already strong, killed the snake.
As Hercules grew, so did his strength but not his stability.  His evil stepmother wound her way into everything, undercutting, undermining, attempting to destroy Hercules any way she could. She literally drove Hercules insane. While in the depths of despair and psychosis Hercules killed his wife and kids. Hercules, fell deeper into despair and exiled himself.

After a time, Hercules asked the Oracle what he should do to regain his honor and was told to complete twelve menacing tasks. These are now known as the twelve labors of Hercules.

Kill the menacing Nemean Lion.
Kill the 9-headed snake, Hydra.
Return the Gold horn goat.
Capture the wild boar.
Destroy the man eating birds
Capture the Cretean bull.
Clean the stables of a thousand cows.
Catch the man eating horses.
Steal Hippolyta’s girdle
Steal the cattle from the monster Gervon
Obtain the gold apples from Hesperides
Lure the watchdog of the underworld to the surface
All while wearing a sweater shorn from Golden Fleece.

The ‘while wearing a sweater shorn from golden fleece’ fact is not well known.  It meant that Hercules had to acquire the help of Jason.  Hollywood depicts Hercules as a nearly bare chested, fine chiseled warrior, rarely if ever showing him donning his golden fleece sweater!  

Your endeavors might not be quite as daunting as the labors of Hercules, you can be certain that while wearing one of our sweaters you can feel as impervious as he.  Your ugly sweater can give you virtual protection against the ravages of mythological born creatures while providing warmth, and a touch of whimsy.

Surprising Ways August Sweaters are More Refreshing Than New Socks

Surprising ways August sweaters are more refreshing than new socks

There are more than a few ways that sweaters in August are more refreshing than new socks!  Here are our top reasons!

1. You don't need to take off your shoes (or raise your foot above your head) in order to share! Hey look at my new socks!

2. The room will naturally feel cooler when you take off your sweater!

3. Who notices socks?  You WILL get noticed when wearing a sweater, in August, in the Midwest!

4. Sweaters don't get foot skank.

5. Sweaters don't have new sock smell. But really, that only lasts minutes anyhow...

6. Socks can be worn as mittens when you get a chill. But you can pull your whole arms inside a sweater.

7. More design choices.

8. More style options. Crew neck, turtle neck, mock, V...

9. You can live without socks, but I need my ugly sweaters!

10. Which is better?  Flip flops with socks?  Or a sweater?

Why Crew Necks Are the Secret Ingredient

Why Crew Neck Sweaters are the Secret Ingredient

Why Crew Neck Sweaters are the Secret Ingredient...

to an amazing wardrobe!


  1. You can wear them with jeans
  2. Or a skirt
  3. You can prep them up with a button down shirt
  4. They cover an ample bosum
  5. They're easy to get on (and off) (unless you have a beehive hairdo.)
  6. Unlikely to be borrowed by your roomie
  7. Tons of fashion choices, from plain to fancy
  8. They can become 'your' fashion statement
  9. Crew necks are a turn on to the nerdy number boys


Happy New Year from Butt Ugly Sweaters

Happy New Year. Let's get carried away

:)  Happy New Year!

We had a great 2013, and are ready to amp it up a bit in 2014.  Let's get carried away in the new year!

No holds barred.

No pulling back the reins.

Let the cream rise to the top.... along with the weirdness, and the 'ugly' sweaters we find, and our imaginations!

Let's get carried away!

Seriously though, the staff here at Butt Ugly Sweaters wishes you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year.

Hey, I thought you said we didn't have to come in today!!!!