Who’s behind Butt Ugly?

  Just Ugly

Why, I’m Judy and I’m just a girl, uh a lady, ok a woman who envisions the world wearing ugly sweaters and am willing to do my part to make sure that everyone has access to the ugly sweaters they deserve….  

OK, I’m out of Mr. Douglas mode (picture in your mind Eddie Albert on Green Acres, on his soapbox)…..   :)

Someone not too long ago mentioned to me that there should be a website devoted to ugly sweaters, especially Christmas sweaters, and I thought, by golly, why not me?

And Butt Ugly Sweaters was born that afternoon!

I’ve spent the last couple months searching ‘this great land’ (arms waving) for the ugliest sweaters I could find and I’ve brought them here to you, one at a time.

I’ll be putting new ugly sweaters in the store every few days, so be sure to come back to DISCOVER YOUR ugly sweater!