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Merry Christmas from the Butt Ugly Sweaters Gang

Merry Christmas from the Butt Ugly Sweaters gang

Sometimes pictures say it all!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

(Come back real soon, ya'll hear?)

We Ship Ugly Sweaters FAST

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Shipped Fast

Yup, we ship your ugly Christmas sweater out fast!  We pack 'em, and stack 'em, and haul 'em down to the MAIN post office (as that shaves a hair off delivery...) and get dirty looks from the post office as we fill their bins to overflowing....

BUTT that's ok.  We love shipping your ugly Christmas sweater out fast, because we know you need it!

Everything ordered on one day is shipped out the next, via priority mail, from the post office. BUTT Ugly Sweaters ships six days a week (because the post office is closed on Sundays silly).

So, yes, there's still time to get an ugly sweater, Christmas or otherwise, for your next party, New Years, and on into the new year.  Ugly Sweaters aren't just for Christmas!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Dreamland at the Butt Ugly Warehouse

Ugly Christmas Sweater Dream

This is me at the end of a long day in the Butt Ugly Sweaters warehouse.  NOT!!!

Only in our dreams do we lounge around on octopus thrones and gain inspiration from miniature muses in ugly Christmas sweaters.

Only in our dreams do little winged angels wear ugly Christmas sweaters as they flutter around pulling orders.

Yes, only in our dreams.

In real life, 'just real people' are pulling Christmas sweaters and shipping them out pronto!  We know that you need your sweater asap so that you can party hardy, and attend all your holiday events.

Yes, there's still time to order your DREAM Christmas sweater!  We ship every business day and Saturday.  We'd ship on Sunday if the post office were open!  Yes, we use priority mail from the post office so that you can get your dream 'ugly' Christmas sweater FAST.

Yes, there's still time to ORDER YOUR DREAM SWEATER!

Happy Thanksgiving from Butt Ugly Sweaters

Brandie Lost the Ugly Sweater Van


It happened.

Brandie lost the Butt Ugly Sweater's delivery van.

We were in a big rush last night to get a bunch of sweater orders shipped. We scurried and picked and packed shipping boxes until well after dark.  We just needed to make it to the post office before the last pickup so that the sweaters would be on their way.

Brandie, in her gracious manner, offered to drive.  That meant the rest of us could relax with hot cocoa before heading home for the evening.  Good old Brandie! Dependable AND thoughtful.

We tossed her the van keys and told her to hurry back, we were starting the cocoa... and off she and another employee went.  (It's hard for one person to unload packages all by herself.)

It's not 'that' far to the post office, and it wasn't long before someone realized they hadn't returned. Then an hour went by.  We send someone else to look for them to no avail. They weren't answering their cells.

Then finally, Brandie apparently reluctantly answered the phone.  It seems that, in her haste to be the best, she illegally parked the van at the post office, and while she was inside unloading packages from the cart, the van was towed.

She was embarrassed and talking too much.  Brandie has a tendancy to do that when she's nervous.  We assured her everything would be ok.  We'd go pickup them up and she could accompany us to the impound lot in the morning.

Several cups of consoling cocoa and $286 impound fees later, and everything is back on track.

Hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

The Lesson Learned: Watch where you park your car!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Warehouse Winter To Do List

Winter is fast approaching and the whole staff here at Butt Ugly Sweaters needs to get ready not only for the busy sweater season but little to do's around the office and warehouse!

Brandie (our ugly Christmas sweater model) takes charge of the situation and creates a list of everything that needs to be done and assigns priority and who does what.

  • 1. Call the heat and air guy for a preseason checkup on the heating system.
  • 2. Reverse the direction of the ceiling fans in the office.
  • 3. Move the bottled water from the overhead doors to the storage room so it won't freeze.
  • 4. Clean the dryer vent.
  • 5. Stock up on packing tape, priority mail boxes, tissue paper and ribbon.
  • 6. Make sure we have plenty of hot chocolate on hand for late night shipping parties.

and Brandie's own personal chore?  She says she must TRY ON EVERY SINGLE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER IN THE WAREHOUSE before they're sold and shipped out!

Brandie's FAV Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the Butt Ugly Warehouse