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How to Play Dirty Santa


Liven up your Holiday get together with Christmas party games; they're sure to add zing to your gathering.

Dirty Santa is a popular holiday game that can actually be the main event of your party. Everyone can participate while sipping on egg nog and noshing their favorite cookies.
1. Before the party, ask everyone to bring an item from home they no longer want but believe someone else could enjoy. Guests can use this opportunity to re-gift nice items that did not fit their personality. They should wrap their gifts and bring to the party.
2. Place all the wrapped gifts on a central table for guest to admire.
3. Have everyone draw a number from a stocking to determine the order of play. The person with the number one goes first.
4. The first guest comes up to the table and selects whatever gift appeals to them. They then open and announce their gift.
5. The next player has the choice of stealing anyone's gift who went before them or unwrap a new gift from the table. Each gift can only be stolen twice.
6. Play continues until everyone has a chance to keep or steal a gift. The first player ends the game by deciding if they want to keep the gift they have or steal another.
7. Everyone goes home with their own Christmas treasure.

santa workshop

Judy and Brandie's antics will return as soon as they dig out from under an avalanche of Christmas sweaters!

How to Play: Pin the Nose on Rudolph


Pin the Nose on Rudolph " This is a Christmas variation of pin the tail on the donkey. A great almost traditional game to play at your Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Though it is fun for kids, it is also a hoot after adults have their Christmas spirits.
1. Prepare the game by drawing a large picture of Rudolph on butcher paper. Cut out coaster sized circles out of red construction paper. Adhere double stick tape to the back of each.
2. Have each guests write their name on the front of their reindeer nose with a sharpie.
3. One at a time have the guests stand a foot from the poster and blindfold them. Spin them around once and let them stick the nose on Rudolph
4. Whoever's nose is closest to Rudolph's actual nose is the winner.

Creepy pin the tail on Rudolph

Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight!

This game is simple to set up and crazy fun to play. You start with a set number of small objects, they might be Christmas ornaments, or simple household objects.  Think of small things that might be easy to hide.  Things like:

a stamp

a thumbtack

a hairpin

a business card

a paperclip

an ink pen

Christmas candy

a sock

You, the host, hide these items, often in plain sight in the room of choice.  Maybe you add a postage stamp to a picture frame, a bobby pin to the leaf of a plant, a paperchip on the drawer handle on the coffee table.  Don't hide anything 'under' anything, just in plain sight. 

Give your guests a list of the objects (and a pen) and see who can find the most, first!  Now they don't remove them, they don't touch them, just make note of them. 

Time the event. When time's up, see who found everything on the list and have them point them out.  THEY win!

Now what's the prize? 

We like to give special Christmas ornaments as prizes, but candy filled bags are good too!

Who Am I Supposed To Be

This games quite simple yet fun!

You'll need some sticky labels, or cut out photos and tape and a list of famous people, places or things.

When your guests enter the party, you attach a label to their back with 'who' or 'what' they are.  The guests then may ask each other partygoer two questions about the 'who' or 'what' on their back.  Answers must be yes or no.

This gives people a reason to circulate!  And the guesses are usually funny!

The game ends when the guest figures out 'who' or 'what' they are.  A small prize may then be given.

Break the Ice

A great hostess knows how to get her guests interacting, but even the best hostess can help things along with an icebreaker type game. Especially good for adult parties, when you have a lot of people that don't know each other.

Start with a skein of yarn. Cut long lengths, say 50 feet or so,  then trail each piece from the front door, throughtout the house, into rooms, over furniture, etc, with the end coming back to the front door.  The host holds one end,,, the hostess the other.  The hostess hands an end to a female guest who must follow the string.... and the host hands 'the other' end to a male guest (who must follow the string.)

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